What kind of friend are you?

1. You meet someone new and have fun together. They give you their phone number. What do you do?
a. Forget to phone them
b. Phone them in a few days, or in a week or two.
c. Phone them the next day and say you had fun.

2. It is fun to be with a lot of people. Do you agree?
a. Usually.
b. Sometimes.
c. Not usually.

3. You meet some new people at a party and you like them alot. how easy is it to speak to them?
a. Very easy.
b. Easy.
c. A bit diffficult

4. When you get on a train alone, what do you do?
a. Put you bag on the seat so people will not sit next to you.
b. Move you bage so pelple can sit sown.
c. Tallk to the other people.

5. The teacher wants someone to stand up and speak tothe class. You think she is going to ask you. How do you usually fell?
a. Fantastic!
b. OK. No problem.
c. Hope she asks another stufent.

6. You friends ask you to come to dinner at their house. You find something really interesting on TV and want to watch the end. What do you do?
a. Arrive late and say sorry.
b. Telephone them and say you will half an haou late.
c. Miss the end of the programme and arrive on time.

7. How often do you give money to poor people?
a. Often.
b. sometimes.
c. Never.

8. Someone you know always tries to speak to you, but you do not like them. You seee them in the shopping centre. What do you usually do?
a. Go into a shop so they will not see you.
b. Say hello as you walk past them.
c. Stop and talk for a few minutes.

9. If you say that you will do something for a friend, do you do it?
a. Often.
b. usually.
c. Always.

10. You out with a friend 10 km from home. Your friend loses their money for the bus. You only have enough money for you. What do you do?
a. Give them half of your money and both walk 5 km.
b. Give them half of your money, but ask for it the next day.
c. Go home on the bus alone.

11. Someone tells you a secret. Do you tell anyone about it?
a. If it is interesting, you tell other people.
b. Only your best friend.
c. You do not tell anyone.

12. you and your friend buy two ice cteams in a cafe. But one ice cteam is very small! What do you do?
a. Give your friend the big ice cream.
b. Hope your friend takes the small ice cream.
c. Take The big ice cram.

For every A, score 1.
For every B, score 5.
For every C, score 10.

Check you scores:
How friendly are you? Questions 1, 4, 8

3-7    Perhaps you feel that you do not need other people, but some people might think ou are a bit cold sometimes.
8-20  You are a friendly person and you are naturally polite. You like to get to know people.
21-30  You are a very freindly person. Shy people might think you are too friendly sometimes!

How confident are you? Questions 2, 3, 5
3-7    you are not shy! Perhaps you do not like to be alone very much and need to have people around to have a good time.
8-20 You are not usually shy, but you are sometimes. You like being with other people, but you can have fun alone too.
21-30  Some people think you are a bit shy sometimes. You are a very quiet person. and you do not enjoy meeting too many new people.

How reliable are you? Questions 6, 9, 11
3-7  You do not plan to be unreliable, but prehaps some people migt feel that they can not rely on you.
8-20  you are usually reliable, and you try to do the right thing if you can.
21-30  you are a very reliable preson.  you always try to keep your promises and do the best thing for other people.

How generous are you? Questions 7, 10, 12
3-7  You are a really kind and generous person. Your friends are lucky to know you!
8-20  You are a generous person, but you think about what is good for you too.
21-30  Some people might think you should be more generous sometimes. What do you think?
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